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DPS Enterprises, of Benton IL, is owned and operated by Dave & Patti Sanders.  In business for nearly 30 years, we are a true "mom & pop" operation, and one of the few remaining auto wholesalers in the region.  We specialize in affordable vehicles, while trying to offer those with less than 100,000 miles.  Our goal is to offer the most "bang" for your car "buck".  We don't have employees, we don't finance (no payments), don't accept credit/debit cards or personal checks, and we don't take trades.  Cash on delivery is still the most affordable way to buy a car, and that's the way we conduct business.

DPS Enterprises sells only 70-80 vehicles per year (one or two per week), so we can be pretty picky about the vehicles we select.  In recent years, the proliferation of the self-financed, "buy-here-pay-here" dealers has driven the cost of many vehicles out of the reach of most cash buyers.  The only remaining source of quality, low-mileage vehicles at realistic prices are insurance-claim vehicles.  These have become our primary source for good, used vehicles.  For this reason, nearly all our vehicles have been issued a "rebuilt"-status title.  This is more of a clerical status than a mechanical one.  Many of our vehicles need no repairs at all.  These vehicles are unique in that they're the only used vehicles requiring at least one independant safety inspection, mandated by the state of Illinois, and each is issued an IDOT vehicle safety inspection certification. While these steps are in place to benefit you (the buyer), very few dealers will subject themselves to the rigors of this process.  We feel that, although the inspection and certification process adds a layer of complexity to our side of the business, it is a very real benefit to our customers.

As you review our selection of vehicles, if you should have additional questions regarding this process, we'll do our very best to answer them.

Please feel free to contact us at (618) 438-8098
Our telephone hours are 9:00am - 7:00pm (CST)

To better work with your schedule, we're open by appointment

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